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2018 Landscape Analysis Report


2018 Landscape Analysis Report

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Our team has worked over the past year to interview stakeholders, collect data, and organize our findings of the political tech sector. We’re excited to unveil our 2018 Political Tech Landscape Report, an in-depth look at the political technology market and what innovations we’re seeing in messaging & media, research, data analytics & modeling, and more. Our hope is to give the movement a shared language for the technology in our industry. Download the full report here: https://docsend.com/view/uq5qhhk

Higher Ground Labs has come to know the political technology market well through our collective experiences over the past decade in using, building, buying, and investing in political technology. We have seen hundreds of new tools, worked closely with dozens of founders, and collaborated with countless end-users to understand their options and needs.. This experience has made clear that we lack a common language to articulate our technical needs and then coordinate the resources necessary to meet those needs. Through this report, we seek to provide some of that clarity - for us, our partners, our investors, and practitioners to use as we build a strong market in the years to come. 

To read more findings, download the full report here: https://docsend.com/view/uq5qhhk