Higher Ground Labs

About Us


About Us.


Higher Ground Labs is building an ecosystem for progressive political technology. We provide capital, programming, and mentorship to talented early stage companies who are building the next generation of progressive political technology that can help win campaigns.

The current ecosystem around progressive campaign tech is broken. It lacks committed capital, sustained mentorship, and a network of active entrepreneurs to make new ideas successful. Rather than build tech and data infrastructure from the bottom up, progressives have instead relied on Presidential campaigns as their innovation hubs, generating a recurring pattern of short-term thinking from hard-working, but under-resourced campaign staff tasked with innovating on products while trying to win national-scale campaigns.

Our programming is designed to spark and nurture new collaborations and startups, and to strengthen the bonds of connectivity across progressive tech. It includes

  1. an active accelerator for companies building scalable political technology,

  2. fellowships that allow individuals to explore ideas for solutions to problems,

  3. regular convenings for political and technology experts to forge alliances and share ideas

  4. a large, experienced cohort of advisors, organized through our advisory board, that support our entrepreneurs in building better products, developing more sound business models, and navigating the political space.

We hold ourselves to the highest standards, focused around the following values:

EXCELLENCE: We hold ourselves and our colleagues to high standards of rigor, quality, accountability, timeliness, and responsiveness. Our investment approach is an efficient, evidence-based balance of art and science.

  • We value the money we invest as our own.

  • We consult widely, research deeply, and seek data to inform decisions.

  • We share well-founded, data-driven findings and data with ecosystem partners.

INTEGRITY: We treat all members of our community like family: with respect, honesty, dignity and support. We practice inclusion, build collaborative partnerships, and keep our commitments. Our investing, operating & political decisions put our mission & values first.

  • We select investors that align with our mission and ethos.

  • We invest responsibly and openly share deal information and valuations.

  • We provide transparent capital and equal support to our portfolio companies.

CURIOSITY: We believe there is always space to learn, grow and innovate. We ask difficult questions and challenge our existing assumptions. Our investing, operating, and political decisions allow for trial and error, value-educated risks, and trust in the vision and potential of our portfolio companies.

  • We look at concept, founding team, and viability of business before investing.

  • We challenge our portfolio companies to learn from their experience.

  • We listen more than we talk. We let experts shape our understanding of the challenges at hand.