Higher Ground Labs

About Us


About Us.


Higher Ground Labs is building an ecosystem for progressive political technology. We provide capital, assistance, programming, and mentorship to talented individuals and early stage companies who are building the next generation of progressive political technology that can help win campaigns. 

The current ecosystem around progressives' campaign and persuasive tech is broken. It lacks committed capital, sustained mentorship, and a network of active supporters to make new ideas successful. Rather than build tech and data infrastructure from the bottom up, progressives have instead relied on Presidential campaigns as their innovation hubs, generating a recurring pattern of short-term thinking from hard-working, but under-resourced campaign staff tasked with innovating on products while trying to win national-scale campaigns. 

Our programming is designed to spark and nurture new collaborations and startups, and to strengthen the bonds of connectivity across progressive tech. It includes (1) an active accelerator for companies building scalable political technology, (2) fellowships that allow individuals to explore ideas for solutions to problems, (3) a recurring summit for political and technology experts to forge alliances and share ideas, and (4) ad hoc events like unconferences and hackathons that deepen and reinforce the ecosystem. 

Higher Ground Labs has assembled a large and active Advisory Board with deep domain expertise in political campaigns, entrepreneurship, tech startups, data science, software engineering, and investing. These advisors will serve as hands-on mentors for our portfolio companies and help accelerate their development, strategy, and execution.