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Meet Higher Ground Fellows

Vishal Disawar

Vishal Disawar

Vishal is an organizer and software engineer with a strong interest in combining the two fields to drive up political engagement. He recently worked on the Hillary Clinton campaign as a digital organizer in Wisconsin and graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where he studied computer science and political science. Vishal got his start with politics in college, where he started organizing on immigration issues and helped lead a grassroots campaign attempting to give undocumented students access to financial aid for higher education in Illinois. You can find Vishal at coffee shops listening to Drake or Kendrick Lamar while working or relaxing.


Matt Martin

Matt is the founder of Grow Progress, which helps progressives test how to persuade swing voters. He believes that to win the fight for progress, we need to harness the power of behavioral science. He's building Grow Progress to help advocates strengthen their messaging with the science of persuasion. Prior to launching Grow Progress, Matt helped to create the NewDEAL, a national network that works with rising state and local elected leaders to spur progressive economic growth. He also worked for the first Obama campaign and as the Finance and Policy Director for a congressional campaign. Matt has been a partner at the Truman National Security Project and a fellow at New Leaders Council, and he is a graduate of Bowdoin College.


Alex Soble

Alex is a civic technologist who builds web apps for political campaigns and local government. He served as a Code for America fellow building data visualization and student support tools for the Somerville Public School district in MA. Alex has worked on a wide variety of campaigns in both technical and non-technical roles, from a local insurgent state rep challenger in Chicago, to a Congressional campaign in Michigan, to Cards Against Humanity’s award-winning anti-Trump Nuisance PAC. In Chicago, he helped start Chano4Mayor.com, which earned media attention from the Chicago and music press and won the support of rapper/songwriter Drake.


Benjamin D. Singer

Benj is a fundraiser, organizer, filmmaker, communicator, & strategist focused on empowering everyday Americans & reforming money in politics. He served as the Patriotic Millionaires' Political Director; MAYDAY.US’s National Campaign Director; Common Cause Illinois’s Director of Development; Media & Communications Manager for A Safe Haven; & fundraiser for successful U.S. Senate campaigns. He managed the grassroots, bipartisan campaign that made Illinois the 14th state to call for a Constitutional amendment to reverse Citizens United. He has earned awards from the Publicity Club of Chicago, Block Cinema Film Festival, Jewish United Fund’s inaugural “36 Under 36," & Northwestern University. Benj enjoys dancing, biking, climbing trees, & rooting for the St. Louis Cardinals.