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Alex Niemczewski, Aviva Rosman

BallotReady provides data and tools to drive downballot civic engagement - powered by the most comprehensive and complete dataset to every level of government. BallotReady also creates compelling customized voter turnout tools for campaigns, advocacy groups, and nonprofits to inform voters about their entire ballot and get out the vote, every election.


Field Day
Alex Nocifera

Field Day is a venture-backed start-up in Los Angeles that aggregates and synthesizes billions of localized data-points across the US to help brands refine and activate hyper-local marketing initiatives. Field Day is simultaneously building a network of curated, experienced on-demand “brand ambassadors” to provide on-the-ground support alongside their online local data insights.  


Gerard Niemira, Jess Morales Rocketto

GroundGame is an opinionated technology platform for campaigns and causes to organize their voters, volunteers, and donors. The core platform is a voter, volunteer, and donor CRM, armed with organizing tools (1-to-1 SMS and email, tools for door knocking and calls, etc) and an API that connects to other platforms. GroundGame empowers campaigns of any size, from the smallest to the largest. 


Hope (a part of Purpose)
Jessy Tolkan, Josh Hendler, Jeremy Heimans

Hope is an intelligent communications platform that serves as your savvy, funny friend who helps you understand politics and take strategic action. By coming to life where users are already having conversations---SMS, Messenger, Kik, and native mobile apps---Hope uses conversation-style stories to inform, activate, and motivate the new generation of activists who want to get engaged in making change but don’t yet know how. 


Mobilize America
Alfred Johnson, Allen Kramer

Mobilize America was founded with the objective of electing Democrats to state government.. To win critical races, Democrats must optimize and scale volunteer-driven voter contact -- because we know that talking to voters wins races.To achieve new levels of volunteer engagement, Mobilize America combines a robust two-sided marketplace to connect volunteers and campaigns, with a scaled digital grassroots organizing program. The model is being developed in Virginia’s 2017 house elections, and will deploy for competitive states nationwide in 2018.


Chris Kahler, Rishi Pahuja

Qriously has reimagined polling through the use of programmatic survey methodology, achieving far more representative and accurate samples than traditional polling. Qriously’s deep understanding of voter sentiment and powerful predictive capabilities enable campaign strategists to plan intelligently, invest proactively in crucial electorates, and prevent election day surprises. Qriously has served non-political clients since 2010; in 2016, they successfully predicted Brexit, Trump’s success in the Rust Belt, Dutch election outcomes, and Italy's recent referendum.


The Tuesday Company
Michael Luciani, Shola Farber, Jordan Birnholz

The Tuesday Company is a civic technology company that is reimagining political engagement for the digital age. Our field-tested software allows campaigns to turn online supporters into digital volunteers by analyzing their social media influence and suggesting peer-to-peer conversations that help register, persuade, and turn out voters. Fueled by robust data analytics held up to the voter file, our “digital door-knock” approach to field organizing meets constituents where they are, online. 


Victory Guide
Eric Palakovich Carr, Brian Carr, Julie Palakovich Carr, and Adam Carr

Victory Guide is a digital campaign manager that provides candidates the tools and guidance they need to win with customized direction and advice. Each day, candidates receive an agenda of actions tailored to the state of their campaign.  As the campaign inputs new data about voter interactions and fundraising, Victory Guide adjusts the agenda accordingly.  Victory Guide automates time-consuming activities, like ‘cutting turf,’ organizing voter information, and managing volunteers.


Voter Circle
Sangeeth Peruri, Vivek Katta, Ramkumar S

VoterCircle is a powerful and easy-to-use friend-to-friend outreach platform that enables supporters to leverage their personal relationships to benefit a campaign or organization. With just a couple of clicks, 100s of supporters can personally reach 1000s of their friends - from the comfort of their home and on their own schedule. VoterCircle can be used at every stage of a campaign to increase name ID, recruit volunteers, grow email lists, identify grassroots donors, and persuade & GOTV voters. 


Other Investments


Roddy Lindsay, Perry Rosenstein, Tyler Brock

Hustle is a one-to-one text messaging platform that scales and humanizes the way that
organizations communicate with people at scale. Hustle affords organizers, activists, volunteers, and sales agents to manage thousands of personal conversations at a time, but with a personal 1:1 touch. Campaigns and causes have already been using Hustle with tremendous results. Since 2015, Hustle has reached over 23 million people.


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