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Press Release: Cohort 3 Rollout


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Higher Ground Labs Opens Funding Application for Next Round of Democratic Political Technology Startups

Democratic Tech Incubator Offers Record-Setting Funds for Companies in Its Third Cohort

Higher Ground Labs (HGL) released its call for applications for its 2019 accelerator cohort today – pledging to fund record-setting levels for tech start-ups that will help Democrats win.

HGL is doubling its deployed capital for 2019, which will flow to a new 2019 cohort of start-ups and follow-on funding for existing portfolio companies. The application call comes after several successes from Higher Ground Labs 2017-2018 investing activity – companies that proved decisive in flipping state legislative chambers across the country and in winning a Democratic Majority in the House.

“We have seen time and again that Republicans are drastically out-investing Democrats across the board when it comes to political technology. Higher Ground Labs is excited to begin our search for the next round of innovative tech startups that will help progressives win elections and retake the White House in 2020,” said HGL co-founder Betsy Hoover.

“HGL is proud to have seeded the next generation of progressive political tech companies that are redefining how progressives run and win campaigns,” said co-founder Shomik Dutta. “This is our last opportunity to build cutting-edge technology in the run-up to 2020.”

Higher Ground Labs has identified a few key areas of investment that they have determined are particularly lacking in funds and will be seeking among applicants:

  • Generating, tracking, and optimizing cross-channel media

  • Integrating and measuring organizational performance

  • Fighting disinformation and false media

  • Empowering people and programs to unlock a broader electorate.

Applicants are asked to submit their application no later than February 22 at 5PM CT. You can learn more at HigherGroundLabs.com/apply.  


Higher Ground Labs is building an ecosystem for progressive political technology. We provide capital, programming, and mentorship to talented early stage companies who are building the next generation of progressive political technology that can help win campaigns.