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Company Profile: Invest Left


For many Americans, giving to a political candidate often feels like lighting cash on fire. It’s hard to know exactly where your money is going and what impact it might have. However, it's essential that Democrats are able to channel the growing desire to support progressive ideals effectively. Invest Left is changing the way we think about political giving by making it more engaging, data-driven and reliable.

Invest Left is a better way to donate to progressive political candidates. This app allows you to build an individualized investment portfolio of candidates that you can track and optimize over time. The team is on a mission to make political giving a year-round activity, instead of something we do for a few weeks every 4 years.

Invest Left was founded by Joel Aguero, who studied product design and engineering at Stanford. Aguero’s background includes designing and programming software at various tech companies, including Nextdoor, Coursera, and Palantir – as well as serving at the CA State Capital under Senator Jenny Oropeza and the CA Office of Emergency Services. While consulting for a fintech startup, he noticed that the tools used for political donations haven't evolved at the same pace of most consumer apps. Most political giving is reactionary, stressful, and hard to track. Simple things like figuring out who you've donated to over the past decade were difficult to determine and lacked the analytics and insights consumers now expect. Aguero created Invest Left with the idea that everyone should have a clear, lasting, and easily-accessible record of their political giving history, with the data and metrics to help them make good decisions in 2018 and beyond.

The team just launched a massive redesign of their app, coupled with the launch of over a dozen portfolios created with the help of Flippable. Download the Invest Left app, now available in the App Store, Google Play Store, and at investleft.com. To learn more about Invest Left or to connect with the team, reach out to info@highergroundlabs.com.

Maggie Stohler